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Solvent-Free Aromatic Topical Biopharmaceuticals

Why Choose Us?

OdoPharma™ products contain the world's highest quality blend of cold-pressed essential oils that are supplemented with hydration, medication, and nutrients. The absence of solvents in our aromatic topical delivery perfumes retains the vital bioactive potential of chemicals and compounds. 

The unnecessary overexposure to carcinogenic and toxic solvents not only damages chemicals such as vital nutrients and medicines, it also contributes to systemic diseases such as respiratory problems and cancer. There are many benefits to avoiding solvents, and utilizing our scientifically purposed biopharmaceutical formulations is the most effective way to deliver nutrients to your skin and for the topical absorption of molecules. 

A portion of all our sales are always donated to charity. Our company manufactures with 100% solvent-free, 100% animal products-free, 100% recyclable, and 100% sustainable principles and methods. We never test on animals, cruelty-free, and all of our products are unispecies and unisex. Made in the USA.

About Us

OdoPharma™ is a division of Cologne.Dog Inc. Our products are formulated with patent-pending manufacturing methods that eliminate solvents. By doing so, the nutrients and medicines in our formulations are available to benefit the skin and body health of our clients. 

Each bottle of OdoPharma™ products is made to order, and backed by our money back guarantee for first time buyers.